Sunday, August 12, 2012

Doing Good

Will is really doing good! Most of the time he's running around the house as if nothing ever happened to him! I cringe every single time he falls down and catches himself with both of his hands but he jumps up and keeps going. whew.

It would be awesome if he would take it easy and not rip off his bandage daily. So much for dressing changes every 48 hours. We've been doing it daily.

On Friday he got one of the kids cups off the table, poured apple juice all over the floor and was splashing his hands in it. His bandage was soaked so I had to change it but Ryan was out running. So I piled every one in the car. We drove around until we saw Ryan and pulled over and told him to come home. That was fun.

Then later on Friday I was visiting a friend and running some errands and Ryan called me to come home. He ripped his dressing off again. So Ryan had to sit with him and hold his hand until I got home. Two dressing changes in one day is not my idea of a good time.

Saturday night was a similar story. I have no idea how he did it, but he got it off again. I really put it on tight that time and so far it's holding (forget just came off while I was working on this blog post! ugh!!!!)  I'm getting quicker at these dressing changes but it really does take two people and Ryan goes back to work tomorrow, so this could get tricky.

Of course I've been feeling sorry for my little man. He can't get his hand wet at all and we are not letting him go outside because he just falls down all the time and we cannot risk his bandage coming off and dirt getting in his wound. So for now we're keeping him indoors and it makes him so sad. He just stands at the window and looks out. He loves to be outside. We've been taking lots of walks to try to make up for it. 

I may or may not have made a "Christmas morning" like purchase today at Walmart because my mommy guilt got the best of me. But you know..... when your one and you loose part of your finger and you have to be stuck inside for weeks you should at least have a fun train to ride around on.... right??? Ryan just rolled his eyes at me when I pulled it out of the car. We just love our little guy so much and wish with all our hearts this had never happened.

Ryan and I aren't the only ones who are in LOVE with him. I looked over and saw this on the family room floor this afternoon. The big kids just genuinely love hanging out with him.

That blankie of his has been a necessity as of late!
Boy am I glad he can get some comfort from his blankie. It's present at every dressing change.


Douglas said...

When you get the tip of your finger chopped off, I think you deserve a new toy. good job on the toy!

Anonymous said...

Could you put a latex glove on his hand to keep the bandage on and let him go outside. It may protect it a bit more and let him enjoy the fresh air?

Happy to see he is so resilient!