Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Cousins

Hannah, McKenna & Elizabeth
My brother's kids are visiting this week. This is our 3rd week of cousin time this summer!! 
It's a lot to have 6 kids around but I can honestly say that I enjoy it mainly because both my brother & my sister are raising great kids. They obey and are helpful and there are very few conflicts. McKenna especially loves the attention of older girls and these girls set a beautiful example for her.

 They were busy trying to catch a snapping turtle when I told them to turn around and smile for a picture. Yes, there really was a snapping turtle but I had no faith in the fact that they could catch it. It was fun for them to try for 30 minutes. I'm doing my best to say "no" as little as possible during these last few days of summer.

"Can we catch a snapping turtle?"
"Oh sure, go for it! Just don't fall in."
 Will loved watching the ducks and even managed to throw a few pieces of his bread all the way into the water. It was so good for him to be outside.
 Checking out the garden. This garden is part of the environmental school adjacent to Christian's primary school.
 Christian was so excited to show us some cabbage his class planted.
 It was a cloudy day...not too hot...perfect for a summer morning.
 Well, what do ya know! They do have time out at the park. Hmmm...maybe someone learned a lesson.

 Trying out some balance beam tricks.
 Whoops...passing each other didn't work.
It's just fun to see them all together. I love it that I can now look at the twins and tell them apart just by looking at their faces, not because I memorized what outfit they were wearing!
 Will was so happy when he saw the playground. He wanted out of his stroller immediately.
Of course I regret it. His bandage came off and he got mulch in his wound. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring the bandaids, tape, antibiotic ointment, saline, scissors, etc. I got it fairly clean and wrapped again but it certainly made my blood pressure rise.  If you're wondering why his bandage keeps coming off it's because it's almost impossible to cover the tip of your finger well. And we have to keep the wound moist, so I slather antibiotic ointment on it and that keeps everything from adhering to his finger well. When the surgeon dressed Will's finger yesterday it only lasted about 30 minutes because I had to re-do it again. It's just tricky.

I put this story on Facebook this morning but I want to remember it so I'm putting it on here too:

This morning Will tried to trick us. He pulled his bandage off his "boo boo finger" and stuck it onto another finger (his pointer finger). McKenna saw it and said she thought it might be on the wrong finger and I sort of ignored her thinking that there was no way that he could get it onto a different finger. Then she started yelling that she saw blood. This boy is going to wear me out!

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Katy said...

I wonder if he would.keep a glove on over top of his bandage? Would that keep it on any longer? I still.say its a.good.sign that he wants "normal" with his activity! :)

Can't believe how grown up the twins are - I remember them.being.born like it was yesterday!!!

Oh - and our parks and playgrounds all have time.out too!!! :) amazing!