Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get Well Wishes

We have gotten some of the sweetest Get Well cards for Will and we are so blessed by each one of them. Quite honestly the outpouring of love we have felt over the last week and a half has been humbling. I know that there are many people going through much more difficult circumstances and yet friends, family, acquaintances and people that we don't even know have been praying for our little boy and have been loving our family. Yup..I'm crying. I can't even articulate how deeply that has ministered to us through this trial.

Okay, wiping my eyes now.... on to the cute stuff. Check out what came in a package in the mail for Will:
How stinkin' cute is this card?? Someone knows Will pretty well and knows that he loves trains and of course his #1 favorite engine is Thomas!!!  I am pretty impressed with 8 year old Abby's artistic effort on this one!
Loving the Popsicle stick "W" on this one!
Emma wrote Will such a sweet note.
Our sweet cousins didn't just make special cards for Will, they also included Christian & McKenna. Emma made Christian a pop-up baseball card and even remembered that Christian has a made-up baseball team that he pretends he's on called the "Greencastle Smackers."
I love this note from Nate! It's probably my favorite just because I know how much work it was for him to write this. Precious!
Emma wrote McKenna a poem about Gymnastics and chose pink paper because that's McKenna's favorite color and McKenna is slightly obsessed with the Olympics and gymnastics right now. Such a thoughtful card.
Nate and Abby both wrote McKenna cards on hearts (that McKenna folded in half and pretended that they were bunny ears).
I don't have pictures of the inside of those cards because McKenna put them "some place special." Both Abby and Nate drew pictures of themselves and McKenna with the words "best friends." She LOVED those cards and put them in such a special place that now we can't find them.
There's lots of love between these cousins and the cards they sent are certainly treasures.


Anonymous said...

Sweet preciousness!

Jake and Nikki said...

So glad the kids enjoyed the cards! Emma, Abby & Nate had lots of fun making them and were eager for me to get to the post office to mail them :) There certainly is a LOT of love between these cousins :)