Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cousin Olympics

 I decided a few weeks ago to have a "Cousin Olympics" when our cousins were visiting. Then I got a little stressed out by having a bunch of kids in my house and no water for over 24 hours so Emma took the idea and planned it all!!! She's awesome! Here are the kids with their Olympic Flags (made by PopPop).
 Getting ready to march in.
 And here they are marching in for the opening ceremony.
 The National Anthem
 The long toss (see how far you can throw the ball). Christian won this one...no surprise there.
 The sprint...Emma won this one. No surprise there...her legs are long!
 Relay race...Abby and Chrish won!
 Water Gymnastics...McKenna won because she did this awesome move. We call it "putting your face in the water" and for her it's huge! She won because she tried harder than everyone else and did something that was a little scary for her.
 The spectator....he clapped and cheered for everyone.
 The freestyle swim. I love this picture because Emma, Abby and Nate are all under the water and McKenna is doogie paddling her heart out with her floaties on. Emma won.
 I don't know what this event was called, but Nate & Abby jumped on those inflatables

Back inside for some Olympic cupcakes.
 See how the M&Ms are in the same order as the Olympic ring colors?

Everyone got a Gold medal for at least one event!!
The End

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Anonymous said...

That was a great event. Emma is a wonderful organizer. I was impressed with the FOUR PAGE document she handed us with the events listed and the criteria for judging. Fun, fun fun!