Friday, August 24, 2012

the fab 5

 Hannah, McKenna, Christian, Lizzie & Adam
I took these guys to the park to explore.
 The girls were so cute holding McKenna's hands.

 A funny thing kept happening...every time we would walk over a bridge Adam would somehow lose his shoe down in the stream and have to go retrieve it.
 It was one of those perfect summer afternoons (almost perfect ...this guy ended up with a deer tick that I didn't find until the next day).
 Everyone was a good sport about me taking a million pictures.
 I secretly had a stash of towels in the car just in case someone "accidentally" fell in or got soaked. But I didn't need the towels.
 Adam is quite the nature guy, he's always noticing some animal habitat that no one else notices.
 It was so good to spend time with our cousins! Hopefully we'll get to do it every summer.
 Gymnastics is always on her mind every where we go!
Beautiful Girls.

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