Friday, October 28, 2011


 Look at those little teeth!! Isn't he just the yummiest thing?? I guess we forgot to tell him that he's supposed to act miserable when he's sick. And thankfully he hasn't caught onto the fact that he's supposed to hate medicine like his brother and sister!! He's just a delight...ALL. THE. TIME!!

McKenna and Christian have both started to get mad at him. Whenever they're upset and sobbing about something, he thinks it's funny. ha! McKenna was screaming her head off about having to do a "breathing treat" and Will thought it was so funny. He was sitting there smiling and laughing at her and the next thing I knew I heard her say "Stop it Will. It's NOT funny. You're not allowed to laugh at me." Oh what a hoot!

We had a good day today. Everyone is a little grouchy, but feeling better! whew. I feel like I'm giving someone a breathing treatment all day long. But I've decided that we'll just get it all over with now and be healthy the rest of the year! We were healthy for the entire winter last year, so it is possible. When I had Will last March and took him into the pediatrician's office for the first time the nurses were so surprised that I had a new baby. They didn't even know I was pregnant because we hadn't been to the doctor for months and months. Here's praying we can get on a healthy kick for awhile!

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Anonymous said...

That baby boy is changing! He looks older in the carseat picture. By Christmas he'll be crawling and getting into everything. I wonder what McKenna will think about that?