Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas is coming!!!!

Okay, promise me you won't come toilet paper my house or hate me forever when I tell you this!!!! Promise????

Alrighty then, here goes.....I'm almost done my Christmas shopping.
I have a big grin on my face as I write that, you're probably rolling your eyes!

And check out what McKenna is getting!! I can hardly wait! She is going to love this doll house. Being the wise and savy shopper that I am, I had this little gift shipped to my parent's house (because of course I did not want her to find it at my house) and my parent's spent 4 hours putting it together! I'm so glad I had it sent to them. Thanks Mom & Dad for assembling that lovely thing! Oh and by the way, that dollhouse only cost me $20 out of pocket because of using swagbucks and credit card rewards!!! Yippee!! That's why I shop early. I think you can save a ton of money that way.

Now what I really need are some good ideas for Will! What on earth do you give a 9 month old for Christmas!!??


Courtney said...

nothing! enjoy the year when he doesn't know any different :-) i know you need to give him SOMEthing for the other kids to see. give him stuff he needs - fun snacks, hat, whatever you would need to buy him that couple months anyway!

Millicent said...

wooden blocks. Or a car--remember that Radio Flyer car I got such a good deal on for Mason's 1st bday? He still LOVES that thing!

Heather said...

I actually bought the first three gifts for Christmas today...but I'm not surprised your done!

Becki S said...

I'm really impressed (and slightly motivated to get going on my shopping)! When Josh was a baby, someone gave him a Playskool Busy Ball Popper and he absolutely loved it!