Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's nights like this that I'm so thankful I have Jesus to call on & the internet to google stuff.
What on earth did people do before google???

I've never had a child with croup before.
Amy's kids have, so I'm familiar with it.....
      thank goodness otherwise I would be freaking out right now.
Okay, so I'm freaking out just a little (or a lot depending upon who you ask)
It's scary to hear your child struggle to breathe.
Will and I are up at 4am dealing with a really rough bought of croup.
His cough and cry are the classic "seal bark."
Wheezing...very scary.

I think we've got it under control after a breathing treatment
but I'm not going to rest well tonight.

Have your kids have croup??
Has it ever required an ER visit?
What did you do to get it under control?
How long did it last??

I'll be waiting up for your answers ;)


peggi said...

Melissa had it when she was little.....WAY before Google, so I know what you mean! I pulled the rocking chair into the bathroom, turned on the hot water in the shower full blast and waited it out. Some very long, very scary nights, to be sure. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Kohl had croup many times as a baby...back then I ran a humidifier in his room to keep the air moist, rocked and held him all night, and then usually ran to the doctor the next day.....he was prone to croup until about the age of seven ( which then they started calling it seasonal asthma)...but that was 22 years ago....

Anonymous said...

We are praying.

Lisa said...

I often wonder what parents did prior to Google (and microwave pancakes!)
Reagan got the croup so bad one time that I thought she was actually choking on something. We called the doctor in a panic at 2:00am. The doctor told us to take her outside and sit for 15min. (it was 20 degrees outside!) The cold air definitely helped!

AmyBeth said...

Cold night air will soothe those inflamed bronchioles. And so will shower steam. I've used both, depending on the weather. Praying for little Will. It's still so scary, even after dealing with it for years with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I remember very vividly freaking out one night w/ Anessa.
1st, I took her in the bathroom and turned the shower on to let the steam fill the air to allow her to breathe. That didn't work...must have to let the shower run for a LONG time to get that much moisture all around you. I had NO clue about croup (since it was the 1st child & the 1st time this ever happened). So off to the ER we went. By the time we got there she was MUCH better b/c of the cold winter air. They checked her out, told us she had the classic case of croup, laughed and sent us home....exhausted!