Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's midnight.
I should totally be heading to bed
but I'm going to sit here for a minute and take a deep breath and ramble.

I always thought that the baby/toddler stage was the hardest,
but having a school aged kid is a whole new ballgame.
I'm all the sudden being directed to do things by other people all the time.
And I'm having a hard time with that.
I don't love having to read a certain book with Christian, instead of the book I want to read with him.
Or having to memorize a certain scripture that's been chosen for me, instead of the one I really want his heart to know.
It's crazy how many papers I have to keep track of.....
book orders
soccer practice & games
snack for soccer
snack for school
wear Blue on Thursday
don't forget pj day
return library book
sign up for parent teacher conference
pack lunch
put more money in lunch account
wear old shoes for trip to the farm
practice focus words
do poetry homework
complete nature scavenger hunt

okay, you get the idea...the list goes on and on.

In the midst of all that, both Christian & McKenna have been sick.
Round the clock breathing treatments for both of them.
And we've had a huge victory in our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First the first time in Christian's life he has willingly taken medicine without throwing up, crying, moaning or falling on the floor.
There just might have been a remote control monster truck as an incentive, but hey, whatever works!

The next 10 days of my life are going to be insanely busy.
So you might not hear from me much.
I have so many things I just have to remember to blog about....
a great parenting victory
a huge, huge, huge answer to prayer
so much to share.
I wish it wasn't midnight!

P.S. I'm sitting here looking at my kitchen with great dismay. Why on earth can't I keep my counters cleaned off?? It makes me crazy!

And now it's 2am and Christian is throwing up with a fever of 102. This is fun. I think I slept for about 30 minutes so far tonight.

Now it's 4am. Do you like this live blogging in the middle of the night?? It's what's keeping me sane at this point. Will wet thru his diaper. Awesome. So now he's wide wake. Christian's awake too.  I would love to NOT be awake right now, but I guess we've all had our fair share of these long nights of motherhood.


Amy said...

I should have checked your blog at 2am...Nate and I were up then too...with a nightmare that he couldn't actually articulate...but was enough to keep him up (and therefore me, up) for awhile. And yes, we did that the night before too! I feel your pain.

millicent said...

oh no!!!! Praying for you today!!!

Courtney said...

oh, friend. praying for patience and maybe some rest for you this day??

Anonymous said...

Praying for healing for your children, sweet rest for everyone and continued organization so you can keep track of everything!!!


Katy said...

sure am hoping that the night tonight goes better than last night. Praying this stomach virus is short lived. and yes - school brings its own set of challenges to your time and schedule doesn't it! Wait until you have TWO different classes to keep straight....ugh!!!