Sunday, October 16, 2011

We're Home

 Thanks for praying for Christian!! We got home a little while ago! It's so good to be home. Of course Christian threw up right when they were about to discharge us. I could have cried. Thankfully they let us come home anyway. He is still very sick, but he's so much better than he was and I feel confident that we can handle it from home at this point.
He was so happy to get that IV out of his hand and he was totally embarrassed to ride in a wheelchair to the front door. His embarrassment showed me that he's feeling a lot better. Today he started playing with the buttons on his bed and complaining about the IV in his hand itching and I knew he had turned the corner and was on the road to recovery. He didn't even notice those fun buttons on the bed the first two days.

We really had a very sweet time together in the hospital. He was terribly sick. It was incredibly hard to see him suffering and in pain. But I loved holding him, snuggling him, reading to him and singing to him. I loved that I could give him my undivided attention.

Please continue to pray for him. He's having a lot of stomach pain and is still very nauseated. And he's got a few other things going on too. I think his official diagnois was pneumonina, stomach virus and a migraine. His white cell count was off the charts and his electrolytes were not great. In hindsight, I waited too long to take him to the ER. We've just had a bad experience there before, but we really had some wonderful nurses and doctors this time around. I feel very very thankful for all the medical staff that was such a blessing to us over the last several days.

I'll post more later. I am dying to get a shower ;) and head to my own bed!!!!

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