Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Time

I have now entered a new stage in my life. It's called the "Mom, how do you spell...." stage. You can pretty much guarantee that if Christian is in the house he's going to be asking me how to spell something. I am asked how to spell words at least 30 times a day. It's really fun when I'm on the phone.  He's taking this whole school thing pretty seriously. He has even created behavior charts for each member of our family and each day he decides if we're on green, yellow or red. So far I'm on green! Yes!

Christian is also really worried about McKenna's lack of educational experience. So he has started "teaching" her school. He has drawn up a calendar and so far they're on day 4 of school. They pretty much do "school" every afternoon when Christian gets home from school, but they also have school on the weekends. Thankfully McKenna seems to be entertained by his very intense instruction. And she actually does know a lot about the letter "F" now because of Christian. Christian has also been working on her counting and I think he was about to bang his head against the wall when she could not remember that 30 comes after 29. I mean he told her two times and she still doesn't remember. ha!

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Katy said...

How cute is that! It's a good thing she's such a willing student for him right now! :) and you are getting free preschool out of it!! Maybe he'll grow up to be a teacher like his mom! :)