Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learning time

McKenna and I have been doing some preschool with her little friend Addie this year!
The girls love spending time together and I feel more motivated to actually plan fun things to do when there's more than one kid.

I've learned something huge with both of my kids....
if you want them to learn something, keep it in front of them so they see it all the time.
And that is why you would see an alphabet chart hanging in my kitchen if you came to my house. McKenna can now identify almost all 26 letters of the alphabet and she can tell you at least two words that start with each letter. It's not because we've really worked hard on it, it's just because the chart is there and whenever I'm cooking or cleaning or feeding Will we play I SPY.  "I spy a letter that makes a duh, duh, dee sound." "I spy a letter that starts the word girl."

And we have a word wall hanging in our playroom with all of Christian's "focus" words from school on it. He LOVES the sense of accomplishment when he looks at that chart and can read through all the words and see just how many words he can read. He goes in there all the time and rearranges the words in the pockets to make sentences like "I see Mom." "I am looking at Will."

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