Saturday, October 15, 2011

A touch from Jesus

 Christian needs a touch from Jesus. He's been in the hospital for about 24 hours now and we're expecting him to be there for another 24 hours at least. He is one sick little man. 
 I was so worried about him getting an IV, but he handled that like a grown up. Oral medication is a different story. He cries and screams and kicks like a two year old.
 We need to specifically pray that he will STOP THROWING UP (it's been 4 days now) and we need a break from the fever and migraine. Even with meds. the fever has never completely gone away.
He's been very sad.
But last night we called Mimi (aka Auntie Amy) and she suggested that we play "Angry Birds." I know we're in the dark ages around here considering I had no idea how to play it. Christian is now an expert b/c you can do it with one hand!! We also read the Complete Book of Curious George Stories....the entire thing. Curious George goes to the hospital was very appropriate, although I have no idea why the man with the yellow hat couldn't spend the night with George. That was just sad.

I came home to feed Will while daddy hangs out at the hosptial with Chrish playing the Wii. Yay!!! They have a Wii. That was very exciting to Christian. They do not, however, have internet access. What in the world?? I guess they forgot that it's 2011 for heaven's sake!

Please keep praying for him!
I'll give you an update sometime tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Christian - Feel better soon!
(Nicholas loves Angry Birds too)

Amy said...

Precious boy. We are praying!!! We have not stopped.

Katy said...

When david and i got our new phones several.months ago, the first question Jacob asked was "does it have angry birds?" I had never even heard of it before!! Praying for this sweet boy....he does need a touch from Jesus!

Amber said...

Praying for Christian, Judy! And you and Ryan too!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying that Christian is feeling lots better and that you all manage to get some time to rest!

Holly said...

We have been praying for your little man. Kate spent three days in that hospital when she was 13 months old (pneumonia)and while we were all miserable, I think they have such good nurses. I rememember pulling Kate up and down the hallways in a wagon, readings stories, and just praying for her to get better. It makes your heart break for those whose kids spend weeks or months in the hospital with serious illnesses, doesn't it? We will keep praying for Christian (and for all of you). Hoping he is feeling well soon!