Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ready for Summer

It was literally 100 degrees here yesterday. Crazy considering it was still May!

So I went out in the 100 degree heat to set up our little pool. And it has a leak in it, somewhere.
I feel like I go through this every year. Okay, well actually the last time I talked about hating backyard pools was back in 2008, so I guess this one actually had a pretty good run. Now I've got to decide if it's worth it to get another pool or just go to my parents house every day this summer :)

Do you see what McKenna is doing in this picture?? It seemed to me that she was giving Christian "bunny ears" but I didn't know how she would have ever learned to do that. So I asked her and I should have totally known what the answer would be.


"Abby told me it's funny to do that with you're fingers."

She still doesn't know why that's funny, but if Abby thinks it's funny then McKenna sure does too! Oh and notice the bandaids on Christian's knee. He had his first bike wreck of the season the other night. It was bad. Blood running down his leg. Good times. He handled it better than I thought he would, probably because the entire time I was patching him up I was also telling him stories of all my bike wrecks that usually resulted in stitches.

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Anonymous said...

Come over and use our pool EVERY DAY!