Saturday, June 4, 2011


The last few weeks have been challenging.

Ryan is either working all the time or he's traveling.

So I am responsible for all of the household chores, which also includes keeping 3 acres mowed.

I really thought I was handling it all pretty well.

I've been super busy and feel like I just run from one thing to the next, but I've been keeping up. My kids have eaten decent meals, all the grass is mowed, laundry is not out of control, and I've even been able to complete some extra projects here and there.

I was feeling pretty good about it all until this afternoon.

I was out mowing the grass while Will was sleeping and Christian & McKenna were playing the Wii.

McKenna came out and stood in the middle of the yard, which meant she needed to tell me something.

I was expecting her to taddle on Christian but when I stopped the mower she said,

"Mommy can you come inside now? You can work on your coupons or something if you want to."

Oh my gosh, how awful is it that she just wanted to be with me but she only thought I would come in if I could work on my coupons.

I'm totally crying right now just thinking about it.

My interactions with McKenna haven't been so great lately. She's in a disobedient stage, so she's gotten disciplined a lot. She won't leave Will alone and she's way too rough with him, so I'm constantly fussing at her about that. Today she dumped an entire bottle of bubbles all over the garage floor and I just about had a fit about that. She won't eat any of the meals I make. She changes her clothes a thousand times a day and then leaves a trail of semi clean clothes all over the house.

She's three! And I remember three being a tough age with Christian.

But I am not being intentional about the things that matter. Sure my garage got organized today, but seriously...who cares about that?! I spent a great deal of time today pulling weeds in my flower beds, but I didn't read any books or have any cuddle time with my precious little three year old.

Time to work on some things.

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