Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Party

Time for the Indiana Jones party to begin!

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive the kiddos calmly colored an Indiana Jones picture!

Then they headed into the kitchen to eat dinner.

Christian was so excited! He had been counting down to this big event for weeks.

Natalie and McKenna are so cute. There is a huge age difference between them and yet they are such sweet friends! Natalie helped McKenna and watched out for her all night.

It was extra special to have Abby and Emma there to celebrate Christian's birthday with us.

The whole gang.

Everyone headed into the living room after dinner to hear the instructions for the treasure hunt.

We kicked things off with the "mummy wrap." There was a clue hidden inside one of the rolls of toilet paper and the kids had to wrap the mummy until they found the clue.
Christian got totally covered so.....

Emma became the second mummy!

Finally Wyatt found the clue and Christian busted out of his mummy wrap to head off to the archaeological dig.

Everyone had to find two gold coins and one clue!
Time to find some more gold coins and rescue the trapped paratroopers from the tree. Abby took this station pretty seriously.

Back to the house in search of the banquet hall.

When they found it they were pretty disturbed to find out that the banquet hall was serving up Eye ball soup (grapes in water), Money Brain Salad (cold spagetti noodles with vegetable oil on them) and Snake Guts (jello). Each friend had to find a gold coin in each bowl. It was slimmy and gross! Perfect for this six year old.

Monkey brains...yuck!
It was just a little messy!

Off to crocodile lake to find some more clues!

Then it was time to shoot those snakes in the snake pit (with their water guns)and search for the next clue.

They finally discovered a gold box in the airport hangar (the garage) and inside it contained the treasure....cupcakes for everyone!


McKenna enjoyed her cupcake and Abby thought it was pretty funny.

Then it was present time!

Christian is totally into Lego and Cars 2. We was so excited about each of his gifts!

Then we headed outside to play!

It was a beautiful night!

To my complete horror, Christian's buddy Josh even discovered this uninvited guest at the party. Yup. That's a skunk. And what you can see is that her tiny little babies are huddled behind her. She was hiding in the corner of one of our playhouses and Josh discovered her just as he was about to dive thru the window. We were discussing and researching our extermination options, but thankfully she took of on her own.

I think this might have been one of the best nights of Christian's life. He loved his party and his special time with friends.

It's going to be a great year with this six year old!

And did you notice what happened to him on the morning of the party??

He lost his other top front tooth. What a cutie!


Anonymous said...

Judy, that looks like an amazing party! How creative. And oh my gosh about the skunk! Anna :)

jenn said...

how cute and how fun!! love all the creative touches!! love me some indy! happy birthday, christian!! :)