Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Daddy! From, Christian

We sure do miss you, but we got the best surprise this week! Monday afternoon PopPop came over to help mommy with some things and Emma was with him! We had no idea she was coming over!! We were all so excited!!!
We've been having lots of fun while you're gone.....going on walks!

.... Playing with Nathan!

...Swimming with Emma!

....Hanging out with Abby!

....being crazy in the pool!

And Will's been getting lots of love!

I've been doing some crazy tricks in the water!

And Will's been getting lots of love!

Nathan is my best buddy!

Did I mention that everyone loves Will?

Ummm...yeah....everyone loves Will!

We've been hanging out at Grandmom and PopPop's house.

And I had a great t-ball game tonight!

I'm having a sleepover with Nate and the girls are having a sleepover too!

Don't worry about Will....everyone loves him!

We miss you daddy and hope you come home soon!


"Chrish Fish"

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Anonymous said...

I miss you and love you buddy. Tell Mommy that I love her too. Love, Daddy