Friday, June 10, 2011

"Just like the Berenstain Bears"

We've posted a Summer to-do list in our house! I always make to-do lists of all the unpleasant things we need to accomplish each day. But the summertime is supposed to be fun and I need to be intentional about making it fun for my kids. I stole the idea from another mommy and I think it's a wonderful tradition! The kids and I had a grand time brainstorming all the things we "have" to do this summer!!
The first thing we crossed off our list was going to Cowans Gap (a local lake with a beach).

We picked the worst day. It was cool and rainy, not what the forecast had called for. But the kids had a grand time, even if the grown ups would like to forget the entire event.

Tonight we can cross another thing off our list. We put "bless our neighbors" on the list. We talked about several ways to do that and tonight we headed to the house on the corner that is bank owned. It looks horrendous and it totally bugs me every single time I drive by it. So we trimmed some bushes and some trees. The kids worked so hard (very rare) without complaining (extremely rare) and filled 3 huge trash bags full of sticks, clippings and branches. While we were working Christian said, "Don't you feel like the Berenstain Bears? They always help their neighbors." Yup! I totally felt like a Berenstain Bear! Now if only my kids would work at getting along like Brother and Sister Bear do! Papa Bear and I would be very happy about that!


Katy said...

we're working on making our list this weekend too! I always love it!! Mckenna looks so grown up in the picture of her at the lake - maybe it's the way her hair is pulled back? so cute!!!

Millicent said...

love it!! I have my poster board ready to make our list!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Anna :-)