Saturday, June 4, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

This house sits at the end of my street and it needs a new owner. It's got an amazing wrap around porch and a gorgeous inground pool in the back yard. It's on 3 acres and sits right next to a farm. I can not even imagine why it hasn't sold (Well, yes I can. The inside needs some TLC.) It's a short sale and they've dropped the price and dropped the price and it's seriously makes us sick it's such a good deal. So does anyone want to be my neighbor??? I'll come visit you all the time and sit on your front porch with you and I'll even bring my kids to come swim in your pool. I know, I's tempting isn't it?!


Holly said...

Very, very tempting. If only I could convince Steve that we need to move...again! I have been watching the price of that house drop and I can't believe how low it is listed. That's crazy!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous house and property. At least what I can see. I would absolutely move there in a heartbeat. And you guys would be more than welcome to use the pool. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

We actually saw this property online and were really tempted to look into it - the biggest hitch would be selling ours. Too bad - we'd have loved the pool and the neighbors!!