Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Surprise Visit

Does anyone even recognize this girl????

What about this one with the missing teeth??

Or this grown up guy???

Back at the beginning of May (whew..I've got some catching up to do) we had a huge surprise for Christian. Grandmom and PopPop were going to go visit Emma, Abby and Nathan and I secretly asked if Christian could tag along. We kept it a secret until the last minute because McKenna would have been heart broken if she had figured out where he was going. The night before we told Christian he would be leaving in the morning to see his cousins and I wish I had it on video. He jumped off the couch and stood there with his mouth open unable to speak. Like he seriously almost couldn't breathe he was so excited!!

The grandparents purpose in visiting was to see Emma's orchestra concert!

She's up there somewhere :)

There's my long lost sister!!! We should start an email petition to make her start blogging again don't you think??

Christian had the best time with his BFF Nathan! They got to spend the whole day together on Friday! Just the boys!

Grandmom got to visit Abby and Emma at their school for Grandparent's Day!
It was so good for Christian to see his cousins. He loves them so much and we can't wait for their next visit!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the kiddos...they are soooo grown up! And I agree, Amy should start blogging or facebooking again...and soon!!!

Christian and Nate are going to be BFFs forever!!!!


Amy said...

We LOVED having Christian come to visit! It was a surprise for my kiddos too...they knew about Pop Pop and Grandmom, but not Christian! They were thrilled....especially Nathan. The boys had the best time playing together...and Christian got to "DS connect" with Emma, which was also a hit! Just a side note about Emma....she is wearing my shoes in the concert picture...and they fit her perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sign my name on that petition! Miss Amy has had a silent blog TOO long. Hop to it missy! Anna :-D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful children! It was a joy to spend some time with them.

Christine said...

Ok - the Marshall children are huge and I miss them like crazy!!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way - I'm officially signing my name to the petition - you need to start blogging again Amy!!