Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving on up!

Christian graduated from preschool and we are so proud of him!

He is more than ready to start Kindergarten next fall.

I think the thing that amazes us the most about Christian is his mathmatical skills. It's really quite shocking. He loves to add numbers, count by tens, count by fives and count to one thousand. I always ask him "how" he has figured out certain problems and most of the time he can't tell you. But then every now and then he'll say "Well, I know that 12+40=52 because 10+40 is 50 and then you add 2." or "I know that 410+56=466 because 10+56 is 66 and then you add 400 to that." Wowzers!!! I know I'm totally bragging about my own kid, but for heaven's sake he hasn't even started kindergarten yet! Now keep in mind, he's awesome with math and totally normal with everything else. Ask him to write something and he might just literally fall on the floor and cry about it.

Christian made lots of special friends that we hope to see again in the fall.

We could not be more thankful for his teachers.

I had no idea when we signed him up for preschool that he would be getting so much more than crafts and stories and letter recognition. Christian's teachers have prayed for him, encouraged him to memorize scripture and have worked at developing godly character in him. They have been a priceless gift to our family and have partnered with us in teaching Christian to make Jesus an important part of his life.

Christian's main teacher, Mrs. Miller, has an amazing talent that I consider to be a divine gift from God. She never yells. Ever. Did you hear that people?? The woman teachers 20 preschoolers every day and she NEVER raises her voice. When she wants to get everyones attention she just quietly says "When you can hear me, put your hands on your head. When you can hear me, touch your toes. When you can hear me...." And pretty soon the entire class is silently looking at her. I think I stood there with my mouth hanging opened the first time I saw it. Clearly teaching preschool is her calling and I could take a few lessons from her!

I did shed one tiny tear during the preschool graduation. Those slide shows with sappy music and pictures from the entire year are meant to be tear jerkers. So I couldn't help by cry a little, but overall I was just so proud of Christian (he's come a long way) and I'm so excited for him to move onto Kindergarten. It's going to be great (remind me next fall when I put him on the bus for the first time that I said that)!!


Heather said...

Those math skills are amazing for a five year old, way to go Christian!

And as far as never hearing Christian teacher raise her voice, that's amzing too! I don't recall ever hearing you raise your voice wink-wink!

Anonymous said...

Wow...he is such a smarty!!!! His math skills will take him far! So thankful he had a successful year!


Holly said...

Okay, so now I'm feeling bad. Kate's math skills are pretty much nonexistent! I suspect she gets that from me (I took "theory of math" in college because you didn't actually have to do math)! Ughhh...We've decided to focus on counting by 10s right now, because she never knows what comes after 29or 39 or 49. It is making me crazy! And I was feeling good that she remembered what 5 + 5 was. Guess I need to pick it up a little and start pushing the math! All I can say is way to go, Christian!!! Very impressive : )

Millicent said...

yeah, he is going to be amazing at math. very logical thinker!!
just think how easily he'll be able to figure out the instant savings and coupon match-ups for you!! ;)