Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today was my mom's birthday!

After church we had a special lunch in her honor!

Christian worked very hard on Grandmom's card. He wrote out William's entire name for the first time and made sure to include everyone's age along with their name :)

PopPop always loves holding his favorite baby! That boy definitely gets his fill of attention when my parents are around.

An Interview with McKenna:

McKenna: "I'm excited when Grandmom comes to my house and I'm sad when she's gone."

Me: "Why do you like spending time with Grandmom?'

McKenna: "Because she likes playing games. I like to do puzzles with her."

Me: "Where do you like to go with Grandmom?"

McKenna: "Grandmom's house."

Me: "Why do you like Grandmom's house?"

McKenna: "Because she lets me play with water."

Me: "What's Grandmom's favorite color?"

McKenna: "Pink"

Me: "How old is Grandmom?"

McKenna: "25"

Me: "What does Grandmom like?"

McKenna: "Nice girls."

Me: "What does Grandmom call you?"

McKenna: "Dolly."

Me: "Who is Grandmom's best friend."

McKenna: "Me"

An Interview with Christian:

Me: How old is Grandmom?

Christian: 67

Me: What is Grandmom's favorite color?

Christian: Yellow

Me: What do you like to do with Grandmom?

Christian: Play Sorry & Candyland with her.

Me: Where do you like to go with Grandmom?

Christian: Annie's Playground

Me: What do you like about Grandmom?

Christian: That she always likes to play games with me and I like how she talks to me.

Me: What else can you tell me about Grandmom?

Christian: That she's usually nice.

Me: If you could buy Grandmom anything in the world for her birthday, what would you buy?

Christian: A picture of our family and all of our friends.

The End!

P.S. Grandmom's favorite color is blue and she's not 25!


Katy said...

i like that christian says she's "usually nice" and that mckenna says grandmom likes "nice girls". cracks me up! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Mckenna thinks I'm 25 years old and Christian is right, I would love a picture of our family and friends. This is priceless!