Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday am

This boy is just so precious!

My favorite thing on earth is when he first wakes up from a really sound sleep and he lays there and babbles and then as soon as he sees me he smiles so big.

McKenna put on this "party" dress this morning for church and because she knew it was Grandmom's birthday. In case you don't know's considered a "party" dress when it has a big bow in the back. As soon as McKenna got a look at herself in the mirror she looked at Christian and said, "Dance with me. I'm a princess."
Oh my word, it was the sweetest thing ever.
So I sang "You are my sunshine" and they danced around Christian's room.

Look at this super cool guy. He got a REAL boomerang from Australia from a person who works for Ryan. He is thrilled with it.

Another one of the sweet boy.

And the princess.

The boomerang & the boy.

Christian wanted a picture with Will and his prized boomerang.

And this is what happened when Christian told McKenna to do a tough guy pose with the boomerang. They are entertaining aren't they?!


Katy said...

will sure does have any AWFULLY STRONG resemblance to his brother!!!! SUCH cute pictures. And i love mckenna's definition of a party dress - i'm with her!

Heather said...

They are cracking me up with that boomerang! You're children are all just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That's a great way to get a picture of Christian....get him a boomerang from Australia! He is so adorable...and of course so is your princess and Will.

Love the pictures


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures!