Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Play by Play

Just in case you wanted to know the play by play of what's happening at our house right now...we're in the middle of Emma's 9th birthday party.
Emma wanted to have a "science experiment party." Hmmm...definitely an interesting theme. Amy asked me if I had any ideas for activities/science experiments we could do and I quickly informed her that she was on her own with that one :) So Amy came up with the grand idea of making a volcano that explodes.

And so...she's a little stressed out right now because you can imagine how involved that is. She keeps calling everyone "honey" in this very forced nice voice. Ha!

Notice who is doing most of the work.

She has lots of willing help and then there's me over here in the corner not being much help at all other than to giggle at the thought that she actually thought this was a good idea. She is currently lining the girls up, so that can each take their turn wrapping the volcano with plaster. The girls are having fun....we'll see how this turns out! Maybe I'll post a video of the "explosion."


Anonymous said...

Glad PopPop and I are home snug in our little house and NOT involved in that project. It does look like fun, though. I hope it works.
Your curtains look great, by the way.

Christina said...

Judy, I am impressed you took on that project in your newly painted room, which looks great by the way :)