Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Thankful

I am so thankful for my two kids! I just have to tell you and I think it's important for me to remember, you know...for when they're not so great :)
Anyway, my kids have been such great sports about this move. We've lived in this house for a little over a month and they have both adjusted beautifully. And their behavior has been just outstanding. We've worked so hard to get to where we are right now and it's nice to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor just a little bit. I'm sure the tide will turn soon enough, but right now there is just a lot of peace in our home.
Tonight was a perfect example. Ryan's traveling, which should have meant an extra stressful night for me. But I was able to paint a "room" tonight (I put that in quotes because it's more like a little nook where my desk is between the kitchen and the dining room...I guess I really need to take a picture to explain it). Okay, back to my point....I was able to paint a room tonight while Christian played on his Leapster and colored a whole array of pictures at the table. McKenna pushed her babies around in there strollers and every now and then she would come over to see what I was doing and she would inform me that I had "paint" on the "wall."
It was just a great night. A fun bathtime followed and then we had a really special time at bedtime loving on each other and talking to Jesus. It would have been absolutely perfect if McKenna didn't HATE going to bed these days. She screams and shouts "no bed. rock me" whenever I lay her down in her bed. And she cries and carries on and makes this mommy feel terribly guilty for not rocking her for the next hour. I do usually rock her for a little while when she asks and it's the sweetest time because she loves to rest her soft little hand on my face. But she just won't fall asleep like that so I have to put her in her bed after awhile and then the screaming begins all over again.
But really, it was a fabulous night. There simply aren't words adequate enough to express my praise to God for the two precious gifts he's given me.
And the best part of the night is that daddy is on his way home right now. We weren't expecting him until tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Your children are precious! They are growing into independent, faithful, and loving children of God. You and Ryan are to be commended on wonderful parenting skills! The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree :)


Courtney said...

good for you for noticing the positive stuff! we don't do that often enough, do we?

the*4*of*us said...

so sweet!!! sometimes when I don't feel like rocking Mason, I still try to enjoy it b/c I know before long he'll be too big! Although I can still convince Wyatt to sit on my lap and rock every now and then!
glad ryan got to come home early!!