Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Rabbit Trail of Thoughts...

You see, I love Diet Coke. Like really love it!
Definitely too much, but I drink the caffeine free kind so that helps... right?
So I joined the Coke Rewards program because I might as well get something in return for all the D. Coke I drink.

And the Coke Rewards program lets you earn Omaha Steak gift cards! Yummo! We are totally hooked on Omaha Steaks to go along with our Diet Coke addiction. Ryan's sister sent him Omaha Steaks a few years ago for his birthday and we've been ordering ever since (Just every once in when we have giftcards :). It's not cheap, but not super expensive either. Just create an account and they'll start sending you all these emails about their promotions. We usually get a packaged deal the comes with hot dogs, steak, chicken, baked potatoes, and dessert. Is your mouth watering yet??

And that's how we got dry ice!!!! The Omaha Steaks stuff comes in a cooler packed with dry ice! And it is so exciting for Christian (and me too...the stuff is rather fascinating).
You win if you said "dry ice."


Katy said...

we've gotten omaha steaks as gifts a few times and they ARE the best! and they do have good deals on occasion - where you get free hamburgers when you order steaks, etc. they are DELISH!

the mccollums... said...

I remember how much of a Diet Coke lover you in Africa they are called "Coke Light"...and are served in real glass bottles...we are convinced that they taste way better in glass bottles than plastic ones. Its funny though because in the US places don't run out of staple drinks/foods. A few weeks ago there was a Coke Light shortage in the city...we couldn't find it anywhere...except for a few fancy restaurants. :) Ha ha. Daniel and I just stopped by the gas station to grab one and they were out of Coke LIghts AGAIN. Man oh man. :) Anyway, maybe by the end of the week they will have their stock back and I will drink one for you! Miss you and thanks for all the prayers!