Monday, September 21, 2009

So I was totally freaking out....

I had just dropped Christian off at preschool and was heading back home by way of a major highway in our area. I was busy thinking about how I was going to drop some stuff off at the storage unit, return a few things to the library and maybe even get a shower before heading back to pick him up WHEN SUDDENLY the car in front of me hit something in the road and it came flying back at my car. To my horror black paint splattered all over my windshield, front hood, headlights, and bumper. I could immediately smell paint. It was a disaster. I called Ryan and went immediately to a car wash, but by the time I got there it had already dried and was NOT coming off.
So I drove home ((fast)) and got out my scrubby sponges and went at it for the next almost two hours. Once I realized it was actually going to come off I did not stop scrubbing (despite the cramp in my hand). I was so worried that it was going to set in or something and then it wouldn't come off. The picture above was taken about an hour into my scrubbing when I actually calmed down enough to remember that this was in fact a blogable moment. I saved the windshield for last because I figured I could always scrap that if need be.
So that was today's adventure :)
I still haven't gotten that shower.

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Katy said...

oh my word - good GRIEF!!!