Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Exercise Program

Well, we finally started moving today! It was supposed to happen on Tuesday, then Wednesday and I finally went for it today but the delay has been a lack of electricity in our townhouse unit. For some bizarre/frustrating reason they cannot seem to get the electricity turned on, despite many phone calls to the electric company. So my dad and I started moving things in today even though it didn't have power and I discovered my new exercise plan.

I like to call it "Christian's Room." You see, there are 30 steps to get to Christian's room. Two flights of stairs with 15 steps each. Seriously, are you kidding me? Now 30 steps might not sound like that much to you, but picture a townhouse with no power (meaning no AC) and me carrying boxes and boxes and train tables and chairs and Rescue Heros and toys and trains all the way up 30 stairs over and over again today. My knees actually started to ache after awhile, so it seems this little townhouse might just whip me into shape :)

And tomorrow is the big day! I guess it's day 2 of my new exercise plan :) There is a big truck sitting in the driveway. Ryan is home from his latest business trip and we have the whole day mapped out. Of course the whole plan will be ruined if the power company decides to once again stand us up, but I have faith that they'll show.

On a completely different note my friend Millicent and I have started a bargain blog (because I needed another thing to do). It's not going to be anything great like but we're going to post about deals we find right where we live. So if you're local and want the blog address, send me an email. I'm not going to put a link to the blog here b/c it reveals where we live and I'm trying to keep that information private to protect my kiddos. So shoot me an email if you want the blog address or leave a comment (just make sure I have a way to email you back).

Now I'm off to bed :)
Good night!!


Jana said...

Hey Judy - I would love to see your new blog! I'm always searching all over looking for great deals! My email is Thanks and good luck moving!

heatherlm said...

Good luck with the move Judy! I hope the electric company finally cooperates with you.....I love your new exercise program....Good luck!

Jenn W. said...

I do~ You know my emails! It was great seeing you (in a near collision situation that would have been TOTALLY my fault) but it made me Miss Emma! How is she doing?

Katy said...

good grief - hoping you got your ac turned on quick!