Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and I've never really done anything grand for my pastor's before. In fact I usually miss the whole month of October and then end up sending them a Thanksgiving card with a little gift, but I wanted to start thinking about it early this year. And I would love to hear if you guys have any great ideas. I think it's mainly the thought that counts. I'm sure most clergy just love to hear a word of appreciation. I'm always so careful about thanking teachers and Sunday school workers and nursery works that directly work with one of my kids and it's so easy for me to forget about the ones who minister to me. So start commenting....share some ideas of ways to bless our pastors. I'll let you know what I end up doing. Now that I put this out there it's kind-of giving me a sense of accountability to make sure I do something :)


Katy said...

What a great reminder. I can tell you now that I'm officially a pastor's wife, a word of encouragement means a HUGE deal to these pastors. They often only hear LOTS of negative, so anything positive would be HUGELY appreciated! :) Great idea. I'm going to take advantage of it for our pastors here too.

Christine said...

Working in a church office for so long I know this for sure - Pastors don't need anymore nick-nacks! :) Pastor Mark recently recieved a hand made card from one of the children in our church and he showed it to the whole office staff because he was so excited about it. Cookies and goodies are always good too :)

Christine said...

I was telling my mom about this post and she gave me a couple more ideas:
Find out what the pastor's family's busiest day is and make a meal for them.
Write a note saying that you are going to fast a meal to pray for them.

Hope these help :)

Jenn said...

well, now that i have changed over to my brother's church...i have no clue what to do. what do you do for your pastor who is also your brother?! so i need help too!