Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Goodbye" the day...was the sixth anniversary of us living in our old house. It was also the day we said "goodbye." We sat in the empty living room as a family of four and Ryan prayed and thanked God for blessing us with a beautiful home for six years. And we prayed for the future, that God would give us wisdom. And I cried and McKenna crawled off ~ha~ and it was perfect!

Christian drew this picture of our family in the driveway (you know I'm emotional when a picture like this ((with all of us sticking our tongues out...something he learned at preschool)) makes me cry).

We left a little gift for the new family moving in. I pray that they'll have the same JOY we did while living there.

And I vacuumed and cleaned like crazy. The people buying our house are first time home buyers and I know they've got to be so excited. I remember that feeling. So I wanted it to look nice for them, not overwhelming. Although when we started moving furniture I realized just how bad the walls look. I was tempted to paint, but didn't.

This is my last load from the old house. For some reason I ended up with a bunch of big stuff like my bike, McKenna's push car, the vacuum cleaner and a bunch of boxes. I couldn't get the tailgate shut and I didn't have any rope, so I improvised and turned a piece of packing tape into a rope and tied the tailgate shut that way. I was nervous the whole ride home, but nothing fell out and my tape rope worked :)
And in about an hour we will sign papers making it all official and I will most likely cry. But we are so thankful. So thankful that we got to make this choice, that we weren't forced to sell or give up our home. We are thankful that our house sold (I know I'm not acting like it, but I am happy about it, just not today). In the month of August of 2008 there were 22 foreclosures in our county. This year there are 421. That number is sobering. We are thankful for God's goodness and protection and blessing in our lives. And it's our prayer that we will honor him and bring him glory wherever we live.


Katy said...

I know it's been an overwhelming and emotional process, but I am SO happy for you guys! It is going to be so exciting when you are FULLY on the other side of it, getting ready to move into your new house. And you are SUCH A blessing for the new buyers - they are going to LOVE your house!

Heidi said...

It sure is hard to walk away from the "old" house with so many memories, but God's got something awesome in store for you!

Christine said...

I love the family drawing :)