Monday, December 31, 2012

December 25th -Christmas Morning

Coming downstairs...I love how McKenna is peeking and Will is still eating his doughnut!
Her dream come true.
He didn't ask for much. Actually he asked for shoes this year. Hilarious! 
That's the look of surprise that we got him an ipod touch (with all the parental controls set up!!). I was thrilled with this gift b/c it means he'll stop asking me if he can play with my phone.
Will loves cars and McKenna was happy to show him how this works.

Stocking. Look at how excited McKenna is about her candyland band aids!
 My dad got my mom a Kindle Fire!
 My mom got my dad a boot tray! ha! Okay, she got him a new bike too!
 It was the year of the Kindle. I finally talked Ryan into getting one. He's resisted for years but he reads a ton, we just don't have room for all of his books!
 She was a little embarrassed by all the attentions.
 But she loves the new balance beam PopPop built her.

 The girls.

 They loved sharing the Christmas excitement with Will.
 Do you see how excited he got about his new shoes??
Here's a lesson for all of ya.
The best app I have on my iphone is the amazon price scan/check app.
We saw the shoes Christian wanted in Dick's Sporting Goods. He tried them on and loved them, but they were $79.99. Seriously?? He's in first grade. I was not about to spend $80 on shoes for him that I know he will destroy before the end of the school year.  So I used the price scan app on my phone and on they were priced at $47.95. Same shoes. In stock in the size we needed. I told him they cost to much and we left the store without them. Man that was hard for him but he even understood that it was too much money for shoes. 2 days later my amazon box arrived and boy was he surprised on Christmas!

 I love this picture. Just look outside. It was a beautiful morning.
We didn't push Will to open his presents. Hours later after everything was unwrapped he still had a present sitting there. The kids and Ryan were outside in the snow. My parents had headed home. I was in the other room when I heard the sound of ripping paper. The best moment of Christmas for me was sitting quietly for 15 minutes watching Will rip one tiny piece after another off his package. He is precious.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet time building memories. Thank you for sharing Christmas morning with us.