Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brinkley Cousins Christmas!

So right after the Jesse Tree party...all our Brinkley cousins came to town.

Our "unwrap the present" game has become a fun tradition.

The best part is that everyone actually got a turn at trying to unwrap the present.
It's an exciting and noisy game.
Lots of competition.

I always think that Charis is going to win....

But not this year.
Emma tried....

Sophie was really on a roll...

Nate literally pounded the box trying to get it open.

Pounding away...
He was sweating...

And then it was McKenna's turn.
She tried the "stomp on it" technique. (Love Christian's face in this one).
She almost had it...

But in the end ABBY WON!

She had fun shooting all the boys with her new marshmallow gun!

I can't believe they're all seven now!
Such buddies. They look forward to having time together!
Then it was time for presents...Will went first.
He wasn't so sure what to do.

He was nervous about ripping the paper, so he kept peeking inside. It was adorable.
Taking another peek and getting some instructions from Emma.
Starting to rip it just a little.

Chuggington trains!

Our favorite twins!

The boys got pop-guns from Aunt Mimi. Sorta reminded me of the Christmas morning when she gave all the kids recorders in their stockings. They were a huge hit and terribly annoying!

The face of a boy who loves new Hexbugs!
Adam was happy about his Hexbug too.

I love Abby's face. She is so sweet with McKenna and was so excited to give her a fun gift.

Lalaloopsy is becoming a main stay in our house!

 Do you see this?? It's ridiculous. McKenna loves to have Abby carry her around and Abby loves to do it!

 They are the best of friends.

The weekend was too short! But we're so thankful that everyone could work out their busy schedules so that we could all be together.


Anonymous said...

This looks like tons of fun! I should petition your mom and dad to adopt me before next Christmas!!


Katy said...

So fun that you were able to all be together!!! It's the best!

Anonymous said...

We love, love, loved having our whole family together!

Anonymous said...

Awww! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! So cool to see pictures of everyone. I miss you guys! Anna :)