Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Trip to Illinois

It takes us a good 14 hours to get here.
But it's worth it.

This land means a lot to Ryan. It's been in his family since 1838.
This is the home that Ryan grew up in (well a lot of his childhood...he lived in GA for awhile too).
And this is Cornelius. He was the homesteader who first settled the family farm.
What do ya think?? Should we name our next child after him??
This is one of the little faces I couldn't wait to see!
Zavier is McKenna's age and such a sweet boy.
These cousins haven't seen each other in two years, but you wouldn't know it.
They were all the best of friends in no time!
See what I mean? McKenna couldn't get enough of Gracey!
Ryan's whole family got together the day after Thanksgiving.
Ryan loved catching up with Uncle Frank and Uncle Rod.

We stayed with Ryan's Uncle Rod & Aunt Sue.
Aunt Sue was more than prepared for having a little boy around.
McKenna told me she liked their house better than our house because they have good toys!
Love this picture! It's a classic moment. Ryan and his dad laughing......
...because Uncle Bob is telling one of his stories!

 McKenna loved having the attention of all these special adults.
 We celebrated our first "Christmas" while we were there.
Will loved this race track.
 McKenna opening her surprise!
 Oh my word!!!! It's Lalaloopsy!!!
 Oh poor Christian...this little side story won't surprise you at all if you've been reading this blog for any length of time at all.
Christian got a stomach bug while we were in Illinois. It was awful. As soon as he tells me he feels like he's going to throw up...I panic. He has a terrible history of severe stomach bugs. He had already been to the hospital once for a stomach bug this fall. I didn't have any Zofran with me and usually that's the only thing that can keep him out of the hospital. I was worried and felt terrible that we were around all these people with a sick kid. Christian and I completely missed Thanksgiving dinner. And we missed horseback riding the next day. Christian was so sad he just laid in bed and cried. He had been looking forward to this trip for months and he was sick pretty much the entire time we were there. The morning after Thanksgiving our pediatrician called in a prescription to Zofran and within 3 hours Christian was starting to perk up.
 Getting these Hexbug Warriors was the first happy thing that happened to him on the trip. I can still see the gaunt look in his face in this picture, but it was so good to see him happy!
 Everyone was pretty fascinated by Christian's Hexbugs.
 Will is starting to get this whole present opening thing figured out.
 A choo-choo whistle.
 Grammy and Will looking at a book together.
 I'm not sure how many adults it took to assemble little Miss Lalaloopsy's house but it felt like it took an hour! ha!
 (L to R) Tony, Aunt Robin, Uncle Bob, Ryan and Angel.
 (L to R) Grampy, Uncle Frank, Uncle Rod, Ron and McKenna!
 Aunt Angel and McKenna

 Hugs for Aunt Angel.

 When we were getting ready to leave, McKenna was sitting with Uncle Rod and this was the conversation:
M: I have a new buddy. Do you want to know who it is?
Uncle R: Who is it?
M: ((whispering)) It's you!

McKenna just loved Uncle Rod & Aunt Sue!

 Chrish with cousin Gracey.
 So what do you think?? Could they possibly be related?
 Ang and Tony.
 Grampy & Grammy
 Tony & Robert

 What a cutie.
 We sure do miss Gracey!
 I'm so glad these buddies got to spend some time together.

 We'll miss everyone until next year!

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