Sunday, December 23, 2012

McKenna's Preschool Pagent

 McKenna was so excited about her preschool Christmas program.

 PopPop and Grandmom were able to come and Daddy and Will were there too.
 McKenna with some of her friends.

 McKenna and Krysta were the sheep.
 Our little buddy Gwen was Gabriel.

 The whole flock.

 It was pretty much adorable.
 McKenna really gets into the singing.

 After the program there was a little reception. I had a seat for McKenna at our table, but she wanted to sit with her friends (this was the first time that's happened).
 McKenna has a very special relationship with her teacher.
McKenna and Gwen always talk about how they want to have their teacher over for a playdate.
She's that fun! We are very blessed to have such amazing Christian women as preschool teachers.

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