Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 23rd - Christian's Christmas

My sweet Christmas babies!
 Christian's school has a Santa Secret Shop. He was so excited to go pick out gifts for each member of our family. Do you see what he bought me? I'll give you a hint...he's wearing it.
 I learned that it's best to give Christian a special time to give his gifts.
It makes him feel special and McKenna and Will appreciate them more when that's all they're getting.
 She was so excited.
 The boys are just precious together. Christian picked out a car for Will that makes noise and you can pull it back and it goes on it's own. It was the perfect gift for Will and he LOVED it. On Dec. 23rd we were still helping Will open presents. By the time Christmas morning arrived, Will could open his own presents.
 Christian gave Ryan a baseball ornament.
 I was a little worried about this present. It sorta seemed like Christian was thinking more about what he would like then what McKenna would like.
 He got her a soccer ball and cones. I think he forgot that this was the girl who did her best not to ever touch the ball during a soccer game this fall. But do you see that smile? She is so sweet and was very thankful. She did mention that she doesn't really like soccer, but she and Christian played various soccer games all afternoon.
 McKenna gave Christian her present that she had picked out.
When the presents were done we had a family game night.

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