Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus

 It's important to me that we have a Happy Birthday Jesus Party each year.
Even though it's busy and was pretty hard to fit in this year, I always want to keep it a priority because it's a good tangible way of keeping my kid's focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

 McKenna & Addie!

 Snacks, crafts, games & friends.
 Bryson making a craft.
 Kate showing off her creation.

 We played our favorite unwrap the present game.

 It's always a good time.

 It's always good to have an older kid playing this game, otherwise we might never get it opened.

 Christian takes this game very seriously.
 But so do I!!! Notice the duck tape on that box! I make sure it's hard to get opened!
 Ellie won!
 We tried to get Will to eat a cupcake.
 He never did eat it.
 He thought about it, but he typically doesn't like any kind of baked goodies. 
What's wrong with him?

This is our sweet friend Madison who spends time at our house every week!
We were happy she could come to our Happy Birthday Jesus Party this year.

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