Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Family...Our friends

 Will wasn't so sure what to think of all the people invading his house.
 But Uncle Rob became his buddy.

 Aunt Mimi is a fan favorite around here. I think they like her more than they like me :)

 Will hung out with the boys (and their guns)!
 Rob & Amy
 Oh the sisters...if only they loved each other that much all the time! ha!
 Abby & Charis

 Uncle Ryan sure loves this girl!

 Beautiful girls.
 Saying "goodbye" is never fun.
 I love a full house.
 Abby & McKenna hugged over and over again.
 McKenna's absolute best friend.

 A "Christian sandwich."

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Anonymous said...

Love your mom in the Raven's jersey! That is awesome! Anna :)