Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Hour at McDonalds

Happy New Year!

This is my last morning with all my little people home with me, so in an effort to do something special I took them to McDonalds for breakfast. We actually went inside which is a very big deal for us. We only do that about twice a year, I hate going in fast food places (Chick-fil-a is always an exception).

We were in McDonalds for a little over an hour and I walked away feeling so entirely blessed.

McKenna was pushing Will around in the stroller while I was waiting for our food and an 84 year old lady walked up to her and gave her a dollar for being a good big sister. McKenna was so stunned. I had a hard time letting her take it because there is no doubt in my mind that this lady lived on a very limited income, but in that split second I decided that I needed to let this lady be a blessing.

A few minutes later when we were all sitting eating our food the same lady came over and gave each of my kids a dollar. I'm certain that she didn't remember that she had already given McKenna a dollar. Once again, it was an uncomfortable moment for me as I tried to give the money back to her. She wouldn't take it and I realized that she really was just trying to start a conversation. She was lonely and I guess passing out money gave her a reason to talk to people. So we talked. She lives alone, comes to McDonalds all the time I have a feeling just to be with people. Will smiled at her and talked to her and played peek-a-boo with her. I think it made her day.

When she left I told my kids that they weren't going to get to keep that money that we were going to come up with a plan to figure out how we could secretly pass on the blessing. In keeping it real...they had a fit. They wanted to buy something for themselves. It's an hour later and they're still trying to convince me that they should keep them money for themselves. I'm going to stick to my guns on this one and I'm going to think hard about how to make giving this money away a much better experience for them than keeping it.

Well, while I was talking to my kids about being a blessing to others two other older ladies were sitting across from us and one of them said to me "You know Jesus, don't you." I told her "yes" that we love the Lord and this one lady proceeded to tell me about her time on the mission field in Haiti and how she wishes she could still go, but now she just helps prepare teams to go. Oh. my. word... You all know I have such a burden for the country of Haiti. I sat right down next to her and talked for 45 minutes. She shared about how her husband (who is with the Lord now) was electrocuted when they were first married and he became a double amputee. And she said "I got to be his hands for the rest of his life." She said it in a way that showed me that she felt honored to serve her husband in that way. She didn't say "I HAD to be his hands." She said "I GOT to be his hands." We talked about missions and Sunday School and parenting and marriage.

While I was talking to these ladies, another mom with her two daughters walked up to us and said "I couldn't help but overhear what you were talking about. Where do you go to church?"

All of this just showed me that when you slow down and stop being in such a hurry God can bless you and use you to bless others in the most unexpected way. Three of the ladies I talked to this morning were over the age of 80 and I hope that's a lesson to all of us that God is never done using us to minister to other people even it's when we're retired and drinking coffee in McDonalds.

I still have one kid who is ticked off about the dollar. It's disappointing, but not really a surprise. I'm going to keep pursuing his heart for Jesus in 2013. Man is it hard work!

I'm not sure how you're feeling about 2013. Are you ready for a fresh start? Are things just tough for you right now? I heard this song this morning and it blessed me! It you need some encouragement, take a listen...


Millicent said...

oh Judy--that brought tears to my eyes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day sharing your kindness with others. The world needs more people like you.