Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Rest of Christmas Day

I know, I know this is getting slightly ridiculous that I still haven't finished blogging about Christmas. This is officially the last post about Christmas 2012!!
I still can't believe we had a white Christmas!
Ryan drove around on the four wheeler and pulled Christian all over the yard.
Such a fun way to spend Christmas afternoon.
On Christmas night we headed over to my parent's house for dinner and more presents.
My mom gave each of the kids a recordable book.
Will really loves his and listens to it all the time.
At this point in the day Will was all about the presents. He would just pick up a present and open it. Christian & McKenna were a little distraught about this. We had to keep a close eye on that little boy.
See? Here he is opening my present for me :)
He loves books and especially loves having PopPop read to him.
Did you know that Kmart has a line of clothes for girls and their dolls?? Way cheaper than buying them from the American girl catalog!
Here's one of McKenna & McKenna's matching outfits!
PopPop got new boots for Christmas, so McKenna decided to try them out.

And that's all the pictures I took. I wish I had taken more, but I guess by that point I was getting a little sleepy. It was a lovely evening and a beautiful holiday in general. I was just so thankful that everyone was healthy. We've been on a good health streak around here. McKenna would tell you it's because "a banana a day keeps the dr away." She doesn't like apples. ha!

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