Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am especially thankful this year for the healing power that God chose to exercise in Will's life. It still crosses my mind every time I wash Will's hands and every time I hold his hand when we're walking somewhere. I'm thankful every time I change his clothes or give him a bath and I see his perfectly clear skin on his tummy and under his arms. God has been faithful to bring about healing to Will's body.
I'm thankful that after years and years of praying Christian finally has a peace about him. He is mature and extremely responsible. He is a leader among his friends and is the guy everyone wants to sit with at lunch. Yet he barely seems to notice the attention. He has a deep rooted conviction about what is right and what is wrong. This year he has become very interested in God's word. He won't let me skip a night of devotions. He told me it's one of his favorite things everyday. 
 We're going to get that little gap in between his teeth fixed at some point, but I actually adore it. And those freckles...melt my heart.
I'm thankful this year for the bright mind and joyful spirit the Lord has given McKenna. She is so full of life it just bubbles out of her. Even when she's whiny and fussy she's endearing. I'm so thankful that she's around to be my side kick and help me take care of all these boys. She is either singing or talking all day long.

I am so very, very thankful for these three treasures.
Thank you Lord!
I'm also thankful for the rare moments when all three of them look at the camera!
Only my mom could capture this moment!

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Katy said...

Love. God is so good.