Friday, November 2, 2012


 There was a very special party at my house last weekend.
 My pastor's wife, a dear friend of mine, was turning 50.
 So I got some girls together to celebrate!
 My friend Angie helped me plan the whole thing. She came up with the black & white theme. By the time we were done planning she had practically move half her house over here. She's going to kill me for posting this picture. ha! I told her to give me her party planner pose.
 The party was a tasting party with lots of small dishes. First up was salad, then soup, and a whole buffet of tiny dishes.

 All ready for our guest of honor.
 Here she comes...SURPRISE!!!!
 She thought she was coming over for dinner, so when she asked what she could bring I had to tell her something, so I told her dinner rolls! Ha! She brought her own rolls to the party.
 All the ladies.
 The tasting party buffet.
 We made a Christmas ornament craft. These ornaments started out as glass balls. We added glitter and monograms (Michelle, put a 50 on her's so she would always remember this night).
 All the ladies crafting their ornaments.
 Present time :)
 Notice the monogrammed "M" on each of the chocolate covered strawberries.
 My friend Sandra made the deserts.
It was seriously such a fun night.
I loved planning it and I loved surprising Michelle. She is always serving others and it was such an honor to get to do something special for her.
Happy Birthday Michelle!

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Millicent said...

what a beautiful party!!!!!