Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Cell Phone Dump

 Why yes, I did let my four year old hang on to the side of the car while I drove it down the driveway :)
 Don't worry...she survived!
 And so did he!
 This is the look I get anytime I say "Will, what are you doing?"
 Our cousins sent us this picture!! They had some super exciting news to share!!! They're going to have a new brother or sister! Whoop! Whoop!!
 "Mommy, send daddy this picture so he knows I want this book for Christmas!"
 oh my.
 I found this sweet picture when I was unpacking my Christmas stuff. I texted it to Emma. Was she not the cutest thing EVER??!!!
 Dear Ryan, Don't ever send me a sweet picture like this again when I'm trying to have a few moments away from our kids. All it makes me do is miss them and then all I want to do it come home and it totally defeats the purpose of me trying to have some alone time.

 McKenna's preschool class at church carried in Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes during one of our services. I forget the exact count, but we collected over 1200 this year!
 This is what happens when you have a big brother and your the little sister. He gets to play the game while you sit on the floor and press the peddle for him. The funny thing is...she liked it.
 A baseball nutcracker. He just had to have it. But he didn't get it. It's a tough life.
She doesn't believe in him, but she sure does love him!


Katy said...

That expression from will - hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous 1200 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. What fun and many lives forever changed! Great work!