Thursday, November 8, 2012

Her momma's helper

 McKenna asked if she could feed Will his lasagna the other night. He could feed himself, but oh the mess.
 Just look at McKenna's face in these pictures. Hilarious.
 She cracks me up.

 Will just doesn't know what to think of her. None of us do.

Then she started eating his food. Oh my.

 And here's the reason why we turned the pilot light off on our fireplace. We won't be having fires in there this winter.
I could have just made a rule about it and not let them climb up there, but it's McKenna's "stage"and I adore her "shows" she likes to do and what if I'm not in the room and that little boy decided to disobey...the consequence to his little hand would be too great. We are not going to have any more injuries around here. So no fires this winter.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, doing shows for your parents. Brings back great memories. Anna ;)