Monday, November 26, 2012

And so the season begins....Tree Lighting

 We packed up the gang and headed out to our first Christmas event of the year....our annual tree lighting. Clearly Will was thrilled to be heading out into the chilly night air to stand around with a bunch of strangers and wait for a random tree full of lights to turn on. He must think we're crazy.

 The kids ran into Sparky, who was kind enough to reveal his real face to McKenna so she wouldn't be terrified.
 Just a few of our neighbors...Mandy, Angie & Taryn
 We love these sweet girls and their mom!
Ellie, Mandy & Kate

 This is Will's "what on earth are we doing and why do I look like a bear???" look!
 They were handing out helium balloons and kids kept losing them, so Will was entertained by watching them float off into the sky.

 McKenna with her bff, Gwen.

 Christian with his bff, Carter.

 Yay...Daddy finally found the boy a balloon.

 The big boys got a balloon too, but it quickly became their punching bag.
 PopPop was there to make sure Will didn't lose his balloon!

This boy can hardly wait for Christmas!
Grandmom and Chrish
McKenna had a bird's eye view.

There's nothing sweeter than little girls and their daddy's!

My snuggle bug wasn't into it.

So blessed to have this crew as neighbors!

 Watching the tree lights come on!

 Hooray for Christmas!

 Will was thrilled with the lights after waiting for an hour for the tree to be lit.

 I love driving through town and seeing the tree shining from our town square.

 These 2 girls kill me! ha! They never stop talking.

Let the Christmas season begin!

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