Sunday, February 5, 2012

William is soooo Big!!!

I took McKenna to my friend Raeann's salon to get her haircut and while we were there I starting looking at Will's hair and the fact that his hair was growing down over his ears. So guess who got his first haircut?!! I only had my phone with me so the pictures aren't great, but he looks like such a big boy with his trimmed up hair!

He's such a big boy!

I sent this picture to Ryan later in the day to document the first chicken nugget Will ate! He is loving REAL food these days and we're having fun introducing him to lots of new things!

I was holding Will today while he was screaming and I got a good look in his mouth and noticed two huge molars in the back of his mouth! Aren't those called "2 year molars???" Seems to me we might be a bit ahead of the game, but I guess it will make eating easier.

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Anonymous said...

He's growing up so fast. Look out when he starts walking!!