Saturday, February 4, 2012


 Anyone want to guess who's muddy little hand came knocking on my door??? She didn't want to open the door for fear of getting mud on it. I guess that didn't work out.
And then she planted this one on the wall as she tried to take off her muddy pink cowgirl boots.
I didn't take a picture of my girl with her hands completely covered in mud, her coat caked in mud and the front of her shirt that bore the obvious signs of that fact that she really did try to wipe her hands off before she came in. And then there were the pink cowgirl boots that were no longer pink.
I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to glorify the incident. Although I thought about it. But I had to keep my stern mommy face on while dealing with my oh-so-disobedient girl.
It took her five minutes outside alone to find some mud to play in.
She's like that these days.
Into everything.
She leaves a trail of destruction in her path.

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Katy said...

Can't tell you how.much I wish we lived closer because I have the other half of these set of twins at my house!!!