Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The best day of his LIFE.....

You might want to sit down for this because this is shocking information. The best day of Christian's entire life (according to him) was Sunday! That might have been an ordinary day for you, but in Christian's life it was just amazing. This news flash was a little surprising to me, but it also showed me the depth of his love for his cousins.

After church on Sunday we all went to the Lego store at King of Prussia Mall. This was so exciting for Christian. We've been wanting to take him to a Lego stores since we went to Florida this fall and he was not disappointed. He LOVED that place. I think they all did. McKenna stood there for at least 30 minutes and built Lego mini figures. Christian and Nate both got to fill up a Lego cup with any Legos they wanted from the Lego wall!

As if the Lego store wasn't excitement enough, Mimi's (my sister Amy) house is also really, really cool. You're allowed to slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag, over and over again and no one makes you stop. And the kids at her house are allowed to put posters on their walls (apparently this is very important when determining just how cool a place is). And they eat pizza and ice cream cake at their house. It's amazing really, every kids dream :)

In all seriousness, the relationship these cousins share is priceless. Abby spent the entire weekend trying to give McKenna her stuff.
 "Oh look, these slippers don't fit me anymore. McKenna can have them."
"I don't really play with this anymore. McKenna do you want it?"
Abby is a precious girl and such a sweet friend to McKenna. Nathan and Christian were just wild every moment they were together. I don't think I've heard Christian laugh that hard ever.

Will stayed at home with Daddy, which was a first. I was so sad and missed him big time. But it was definitely the right decision. This trip would have been much more difficult if Will had been along for the ride.

I've been asked over and over again how many more "sleeps" until we see our cousins again. So Mimi, if you're reading this....you need to get back to me about that ASAP before I loose my mind with all their questioning!!


Sarah Joy said...

just priceless!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little envious that you got to see Amy. I miss you guys. Glad you had fun! Anna :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that February 25th is a great day to drive to Mimi's...since I will be in Philly that weekend! Just being a bit selfish cuz' I'd love to see all the cousins!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Miss those Marshall kids!