Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What would you do?

So I made a few snacks for Christian's class today. Pink heart rice krispie treats, cute Valentine Buttons and heart shaped Brownies. I didn't take any of those pictures above, they're from Pinterest. The brownies stressed me out a little. Last night around 11pm I cut out the hearts and realized that I could only get 16 brownies out of the pan. I needed 20. So this morning we went to the store, bought more brownie mix and made more heart brownies.
I had a big cupcake holder with handles that I layered all the goodies in and off we went to school.
I handed the goodies off to the school secretary and I have no idea what happened, but she dumped the entire thing on the floor. All my cute little brownies littered the floor of the school office.
So I helped her pick them all up and we put them back in the tray and she sent them down to the classroom. Now I'm feeling like I should have just thrown it all out and just run to the grocery store and bought something. ugh. What would you have done??? I guess a little dirt never hurt anyone, right?


Millicent said...

oh girl--after all that work?? Let 'em eat it! I'm sure the floors were clean ;)

Katy said...

Kids don't know and certainly don't care!!! I .probably would have burst into tears!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as no moms from his classroom read your blog...I'd say it's fine!!