Friday, February 10, 2012

11 Months Today

Do you see all this sweetness??!!!! Oh I could just kiss him all day!!!! It's hard to believe, but my baby is 11 months old today!!! You know what that means...we've got a big birthday coming up.

He is so fun right now. Yesterday he spent time studying the light coming in through the window. Do you see those bottom two pictures? It was precious to watch him try to touch the sunlight. He just could not figure it all out. 

He's feeling so much better now. He's eating up a storm and is loving real food. It seems like we're trying something new all the time. Yesterday he had some of McKenna's birthday cake and lu-v-ed it! The day before that he almost an entire grilled cheese. All the sudden, the boy can eat, which is good since he had two stomach virus' this winter all in the same month. Every time I would take him to the doctor they would have to mark in his chart that he had a stomach bug and that's why he wasn't gaining weight. I don't think they'll be too worried when we go next month.

In the art of keeping it real around here, I'll just tell ya that I'm not sitting around crying about the fact that my baby is about to be one. Honestly I can't wait for him to start walking. I can't wait for those massive molars in the back of his mouth to just come on already, so we can sleep and not scream at 4am (it seems like that's when the motrin seems to wear off). The poor boy actually rubs the outside of his jaw with his hand. He's having a majorly rough time and that's why "2 yr molars" are not supposed to arrive when you're only 11 months old.

11 Month Stats:
10 teeth - Wow!!
Says "dada" and "uh-oh"
Weighs about 23 lbs
Stands while holding onto something
Cruises a little bit
Favorite Foods= cheerios & bananas
Wears size 12-18 month clothes
Loves Mickey Mouse Club House
Thinks McKenna's bedroom is fascinating
Is starting to understand "no" & cries if you use a "mean" voice
Loves to be outside
Is happy in the car
Is adored by everyone in our house!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is so much fun to watch him explore and discover new things. It is amazing to me that little boys are born with the knowledge of how to push around a truck. He's a cutie.

Millicent said...

sweet boy!!!