Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We kicked off the holiday season by listening to Christmas music while we packed our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes! We love this tradition and we so excited to learn that our church contributed 1388 boxes this year!! McKenna and Christian both worked hard decorating their boxes and Will was excited to watch and eat some puffs :)  We made homemade pizzas and watched our first Christmas movie of the season. It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than 40 days away!! WooHoo!!! We can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I am trying to hold out until after Thanksgiving to decorate!!!


Katy said...

I love yhe idea of having the shoebixes be the official launch party for christmas with the music and movie and all. Great idea. We took our boxes in lasy week too, but sadly not with much fanfare. I totally am going to steal your idea next year!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I was beginning to get worried.

Thanks to your inspiration the kids and I are doing some Shoeboxes this year.
Anna :-)